CamTours K4 Dashboard Camera. 170° wide angle Dash Cam with GPS + G-Sensor + WDR + LDWS. Full 1296P HD Recording * FREE 16GB SD CARD*

CamTours K4 Dash Cam

Annual Car insurance
Many insurance companies are offering up to 15% discount on their annual policies with a CamTours K4 Dash Cam installed in your vehicle.

Ambarella A7
The all new CamTours K4 dashboard camera is built with the high end Ambarella A7LA50 video compression and image processing components for higher stability and seamless recording. The high resolution pictures and videos enable you to view your favourite moments in high-quality.

Wide Angle Lens
The 170 degree super wide angle lens allows a wider field of view. You won’t miss a thing! Enabling you to view 5 lanes on a motorway without the image being distorted. Stunning and clear footage is recorded.

The device can support up to a 64GB SD Card and will come with a 16GB Class 10 Micro SD card. Minimum support 8GB Class 6.

Watch your footage back on the device using playback mode or watch back on a TV by using the HDMI socket (HDMI cable not included). Watch on your PC to view the GPS location using the included Player software. Supports speed and real-time and date display on video.

GPS Tracking
GPS tracking software is included. This is an extremely intelligent software that runs on your PC. This software shows you your location on the map when playing back your video footage. To install you must first format the SD card on the DVR and then the program will be available to install on your PC.

Parking Mode
If there is movement in front of the dash cam it detects it and starts recording straight away. If an impact, bump or vibration is felt then the dash cam will automatically start recording. This will protect your vehicle when unattended. There are sensitivity options of Low/Meduim/High in the menu.

Product Features

  • 12 MEGAPIXEL EXTRA WIDE ANGLE 170° LENS – gives a wider perspective of on-road events offering that extra vision that could be vital in the event of a crash. This is one of the widest angle lenses on Amazon. With the Ambarrela A7LA50 video processor everything is captured in sharp and clear FULL HD 1296P /30fps (better than 1080P) through a F1.8, 6 glass lens.
  • BUILT IN GPS MODULE – Allows location, speed and direction to be tracked. Shows real time speed and direction on screen. Location can be tracked using the inteligent software provided. Date and Speed can be stamped on bottom of video footage to allow a better judgement of other road users speed.
  • PARKING MONITOR – Provides a trusted set of eyes to protect your vehicle when you leave. AUTOMATIC RECORDING technology with motion sensor and G-sensor.
  • LOOP RECORDING Records video clips of 1, 3 and 5 minute in length. The standard loop recording technology prevents storage overload and will enhance the efficiency of the storage. This way you have endless recording. (FREE 16GB Class 10 SD Card included)
  • G-SENSOR/AUTOMATIC RECORDING PROTECTION. This detects impact or strong braking and automatically locks the all-important video clips from being overwritten. Sensitivity adjustment.

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3 Responses to CamTours K4 Dashboard Camera. 170° wide angle Dash Cam with GPS + G-Sensor + WDR + LDWS. Full 1296P HD Recording * FREE 16GB SD CARD*

  1. Amazon Customer says:

    I liked the sound of having GPS which would allow the … Lately I have been having a few close calls on the roads and decided to invest in a DashCam. I liked the sound of having GPS which would allow the camera to track my speed and location. I opted for the CamTours K4 which was one of the best priced units with GPS.The software you get with this dash cam is really good although you must format the SD card with the camera first as you will get an error message!With the free 16GB Micro SD card it allowed me to record about 3…

  2. Amazon Customer says:

    Excellent product, thoroughly recommend. I recently got in touch with my insurance company (Adrian flux). They told me that the CamTours K4 was a recognised Dash Cam on there system and that they can offer me 15% off my annual car insurance with one installed!I ordered one and it was delivered before the expected date!When I first opened the Amazon box I was very impressed with the compact packaging of this Dashcam. Lots of attention to detail and no over packaging.The routing of the power cable was fairly straight…

  3. Amazon Customer says:

    Pros -Great features like GPS and lane departure warning system -Excellent quality footage … My dash cam got delivered and within a few hours it was up and running!Pros-Great features like GPS and lane departure warning system-Excellent quality footage recorded-Wide view of the road-Night vision is very impressive-Loop recording-Parking mode-Screen saver mode-Free 16GB card included-everything you need to get started straight away-Small, compact and low profileCons-The 16GB card only allows…