BW 3.5 inch TFT LCD Car Monitor Digital Car Rearview Monitor ,Car Parking Monitor for Car / Automobile and Vehicle Backup Cameras

Choose a TFT LCD rearview back up monitor means to buy a safety & insurance for your car, Low cost but amazing value!!
1.Highly prevent accidents to save you from unnecessary loss or troubles while driving in reverse by avoiding children, traffic, pedestrians, toys, and pets.
2.Delicate design, stable performance, clear picture and excellent color effect.
3.Anti-glare blue mirror to make safer driving.
4.Small and lightweight enough that yu can carry it everywhere for instant video play: CCTV camera or even video games.
5.Can be adjusted to the best view angle with the 360°swivel stand.
6.The monitor can be stick on your cars firmly and stably.
7.Stand Security TFT LCD Monitor
8.Low power consumption
9.Easy installation without damaging to any parts of the car.
Note: This LCD is especially designed to connect to your car’s camera.
100% brand new,High quality
Screen Size:3.5 inch(4:3)
Resolution:640(H) x RGB x 480(V)
Model: PAL/NTSC (Automatic throw-over)
Power Supply:DC 12V
Visible Area:72 x 53.56
Power Consumption:0.53W
2-channel video input:V1/V2 auto switching(V1 display first)
Display blue screen on no signal.
Dimensions:106mm(L) x 66mm(W) x 15mm(H)
Note:please Connect the Rearview camera’s power cable with Reversing lamp,and connect camera’s video cable with LCD’s yellow cable(Video V1),then the LCD will show Camera’s video when you are Reversing,and stop playing movie(auto switching)
Package includes:
3.5’TFT LCD Monitor
Power Cable
User’s Manual

Product Features

  • Exquisite designed, portable and reliable;
  • High Resolution, and excellent color effect;
  • Compatible with both PAL and NTSC system;
  • Available for car VCD, DVD, GPS, etc. and especially designed to connect to your car camera.

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2 Responses to BW 3.5 inch TFT LCD Car Monitor Digital Car Rearview Monitor ,Car Parking Monitor for Car / Automobile and Vehicle Backup Cameras

  1. Dave L says:

    Great for CCTV front door monitor This small monitor is ideal for use with a CCTV system, combined with a suitable 12V power supply (mains transformer – NOT SUPPLIED) it can be placed by the front door and a cable run from the ‘call’ output of the DVR to show who is at the front door. If you have a PIR in the porch this can also be wired to power up the transformer along with the porch light so that the screen does not consume power unless someone arrives at the door (also avoids screen burn-out). Obviously consult a…

  2. Philip Stewart says:

    Works with Raspberry Pi Bought this to use with a Raspberry Pi via the RCA output, works fine. The analogue connection is a bit of a drawback, the picture quality is not too great (I have not attempted to use the Pi’s RCA output with anything else though, so have no basis for comparison). The terminal is pretty illegible at 640×480, but is much improved if you set the framebuffer res to 320×240 in /boot/config.txt. I’ve not attempted video playback or anything else beyond a plain terminal, so can’t comment on quality…