Box Car Racer

Two-thirds of the driving force behind Box Car Racer are from Blink 182, which isn’t as surprising as it sounds. After all, playing punk pop for teenagers hooked on MTV may inflate your bank account, but it doesn’t do much for your credibility. Fortunately, Blink-182 guitarist Tom DeLonge and drummer Travis Barker found a way around this quandary. The pair formed Box Car Racer and recorded this album, which strips back the gloss and brings on the noise.

Referencing explosive hardcore groups like Fugazi and Refused, who encase their euphoric melodies with barbed wire riffs and ear-splitting rhythms, may sound like an ominous route. But while Box Car Racer songs like “Maybe I Don’t” and “I Feel So” take on weightier subject matter than the typical slapstick fare of Blink 182, it’s ultimately not a huge departure. The record was produced by Jerry Finn, who helmed last three albums from Blink 182, and features singer/bassist Mark Hoppus as a guest vocalist. —Aidin Vaziri

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2 Responses to Box Car Racer

  1. A Customer says:

    The Best Album by Far altho this album has two of the members from blink 182 in there, i feel this album shows the darkside of Tom Delonge and Travis Barker. Although they are seen as Blink 182, they have shown on this album that they can make hard hitting songs and include some soft songs. Letters To God is a prime example, acoustic song straight through, then hard metal guitaring towards the end of the song. Tim Armstrong of Rancid makes an appearance on ‘Cat Like Thief’, and provides Tom Delonge with some great…

  2. D. Jarenicz says:

    Simply breathtaking… I had heard “i feel so” and “there is” on tv a while back. It simply grabbed me as being a slight change of the usual high school teenage troubles of dating normally present on the older (enema of the state etc..) blink-182 albums. Yet at the same time you can still relate to Blink-182 with two of the members being present in this band. Normally with an album you expect there to be some not so good songs, in this case that isn’t true. Every song is great, buy this album you simply won’t be…