Boblov Mini 0807 Ambarella A7LA50 Sony IMX322 Sensor Full HD 1080P Car Dashcam Camera Super Capacitor GPS Night Vision Dual Memory Cards looping Recording OBD-II Plug Power lead Park Monitor

there are 3 working modes for the mini0807 camera

1,OFF or Normal video recording mode,Power source for your car cigarette lighter,and plug usb car charger to activate recording.When car starts ,its camera will automatically starts recording,and stop recording automatically when car engine stops,its camera will not record when car parking
2,Time lapse recording mode,camera wil record 1fps low frame (one second one frame video)when car parking;Its camera will record a normal frame 30fps when car crash or activated by shake,and its video files will be locked,can not be rewroten by next loop recording
3,Pre-recording mode, When car is parking,can not take any recording.But when car was hit ,it will start to take recording


GPS bracket has dual power ports,one for OBD-II plug,one for Micro USB Car charger
Version: DVR20160312 MCU20160310

File Properties tested by mini0807 buyer:
Recording Time: 64.7 Hours with max 128GB X 2 cards,memory cards not includes in package
What is in package:

1x mini 0807 Camera
1x GPS Mount
1x Micro USB charger
1x Micro USB cable
1x OBD II power cable
2x 3M double glue mounts
1x Lens cleaning cloth
1x Cable clip kit
1x User Manual

Product Features

  • Newer generation of Mini0805,Mini0806 Car camera
  • Main advanced features for mini0807 module is parking monitor function via OBD-II cable,Just plug to play,it is very simple to operate and convenient way to guard your car modules
  • Ambarella A7LA50 Sony IMX322 Sensor Combined camera,very good day and night video recording quality
  • Dual Memory Cards looping Recording between Card A and Card B,memory cards Not includes in package
  • No battery,power source from super capacitor,it is safe in hot weather

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