Boblov 1pc 3M Adhesive Holder Mount Bracket for A119 A119S Car GPS Dashcam Camera (CPL for A119)

Polarizing Lens CPL Filter Sticker For VIOFO A119 Car Dashcam DVR Camera
Many many buyer feedback us they need one CPL for A119 dashcam,they wait its cpl for a long time! So, it is available now, this one can further reduce the reflections from windshield, getting more saturated and beautiful video

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3 Responses to Boblov 1pc 3M Adhesive Holder Mount Bracket for A119 A119S Car GPS Dashcam Camera (CPL for A119)

  1. Techman says:

    Tiny, quality and easy to use I bought this dashcam due to the small size and ability to mount it almost invisibly, it’s the first one I’ve owned. It is excellently designed and feels like its made of good quality plastic, it has a high-quality feel to it when mounting it to the window. It comes with an extra long USB linking cable to wire around the windscreen and under the dash – fitting the unit only took me <10 mins! Being plug-and-play it is very easy to use.The video is crisp at 160deg (provided the...

  2. Andrew S says:

    Best dash-cam for under £100? possibly!! Dash-cams are fast becoming a necessity on roads anywhere in the world. This one is discreet, simple to set up and the clarity both during the day time and particularly at night is amazing for this price! The camera sits just out of your sight behind the rear view mirror and the supplied cable long enough to trunk around the window, down the passenger A pillar, under the glove box and then back to inside the centre arm rest in a 2008 VW Tiguan. The dash-cam comes supplied with the cable, sticky…

  3. Anonymous says:

    The glass element looks to be of good quality, but the mount doesn’t fit my SpyTec A118C bought from Amazon. This camera is said to be a resold Viofo A118C retailed by SpyTec but clearly the lens mount is different. I have retained it with a couple of small pieces of sticky tape to test it, and if I like it I shall endeavour to improve this improvisation. It is described as “adhesive” but there’s nothing sticky on it or with it – this phrase should be removed.Performance…