Black Front and Rear Car Reverse Parking 8 Sensors Kit Buzzer Alarm Audio System with LED Display


High Quality 8 Sensors Back-Up Parking Alert System
Digital LED Display Illustrates 3 colors (Red, Yellow and Green)
Car parking sensor consists of ultrasonic sensors, digital control box and LED display
This system detects the distance between the car and back obstruction with ultrasonic sensors installed at the rear bumper of car
With the change of alarm sound, detect the safe area correctly. It is best choice for the safe of your car


Parking sensor technology: Ultrasonic Sensor 40KHz
Parking sensor position: Front and Rear Parking Sensor Kit
Compatible vehicle make: Universal
Rated voltage: 12V
Operation voltage range: 10.5-16V
Rated current: 40-300mA
Detecting distance: 0.3-2.5M
Working temperature: -40~+80℃
Display working temperature: 0~+60℃
Color of the sensors: Black (4 front sensors: 6m length, 4 rear sensors: 2.5m length)
Screen size: 9cm x 1.5cm
Buzzer Alarm
LED Digital L showing obstacle distance

Package Included:

1 * LED digital display screen
1 * Central control
8 * Black sensors
1 * Hole saw
1 * Users’ manual with installation guide
2 * Double side stickers for control box and display screen
1 * Power Cable

Product Features

  • 8 Black Sensors System, with LED Display
  • Buzzer alarm, the closer the obstacle, the more rapid the sound
  • Anti-freeze and rain proof
  • Be beneficial to prevent dangerous and costly collisions
  • Come with a drill head, convenient to drill hole

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