BeneGlow® Dual-core Rear LED Display Car Vehicle Reverse Backup Radar System with Parking Sensors (4 Sensors, Dark Brown Mica)

How does the 4-sensor system work:
• While reversing, all 4 rear sensors and LCD monitor will be active.

Tech Spec:
• Detection Angle: H>80°, V>90°
• Rate Voltage: 12V
• Operating Voltage Range: 9~16V
• Rate Current: 20~200mAh
• Rear Sensor Detection Range: 0.98~7.54 ft

About Alarm Modes:
• Sound: the closer the obstacle, the more rapid the sound.
• Matrix Light Bar: heartbeat tips to remind obstacle distance.
• Digital: precise figures shown on LCD screen.

Installation Tools Required:
• Hole Saw (package included)
• Drill
• Needle Nose Pliers
• Thin Steel Wire
• Rasp
• Tape measures
• Marker Pen
• Screwdrivers
• Electrical Tape

Important Notice:
• For safety reasons, while braking, only sensors sense obstacles, the LCD monitor will be active.
• Better keep the sensors at the same level, but also can be adjusted appropriately according to different car models.
• In order to avoid detecting the ground, please keep the sensor and the ground has a distance of 19.6~23.6 in (21.6 in suggested).
• Ensure the sensors are perpendicular to the ground.
• Please always keep the arrow (back of each sensor) up while installing.
• The Control Box should be mounted on side of the car trunk.

Package Includes:
• 1 x Control Box
• 1 x LCD Monitor
• 1 x LCD Extension Cable (17.39 ft)
• 4 x Parking Sensors (cable: 8.2 ft)
• 1 x Power Cable (9.84 ft)
• 1 x Hole Saw
• 1 x User Manual
• 1 x Control Box Sticker

Product Features

  • Dual-core independent digital LCD display. With built-in microcomputer control, obstacle detection range can be accurate to centimeters.
  • Full-weather design, anti-wind, anti-sand, anti-fog, anti-frost, anti-ice, anti-snow, anti-rain sensor systems for enhanced coverage and detection.
  • 7-speed volume and 4 switchable sound modes: silent, buzzer, speaker, speaker + buzzer.
  • 3 alarm modes: sound, matrix light bar, digital. Delicate sensors, easy to install and operate. Anti-electromagnetic interference.
  • Flush mounted installation and multi-colour choices, it will make your beloved car more charming and attractive.

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3 Responses to BeneGlow® Dual-core Rear LED Display Car Vehicle Reverse Backup Radar System with Parking Sensors (4 Sensors, Dark Brown Mica)

  1. Sohail Hussain says:

    Great! I bought theses for my son who is newly passed and has a car. He found it hard reversing and judging the space behind him. So I bought these and they were so easy and simple I fixed them myself. They match the colour perfectly and the screen look great! The screen shows which side the obstacle is on and beeps or speaks to let you know the difference. Only had to connect 2 wires to the car which is power and earth. So I connected the power to the reverse lights wire so they come on when…

  2. Pet Heaven says:

    Great gadget for my car I love these sensors that enabled me to modernize my vintage car!First I must emphasize how satisified with delivery I am – a nice looking box came 7 days after buying it on Amazon and inside the package I received everything that was written on product listing page – 6 x parking sensors, control box, LCD Monitor, power cable, LCD extension, 4 x front extension cables, hole saw, control box sticker and user manual on few languages.Installation took me some time, not…

  3. Kai Hall says:

    Perfect for beginners This product is outstanding and has been a complete revelation for me. The sensors fit easily into your car as the instructions are well laid out and can be followed easily and quickly. The LCD screen fits onto the dashboard of any car model and provides your car with the parking sensing system that most cars can only dream of. This is perfect for first time drivers who cannot afford the luxury of a car with built in sensors but are still wary of their parking abilities. For under £40 it is a…