Astatic (302-10001SE) 636LSE 4-Pin Noise Canceling CB Microphone

Special Anniversary Edition Astatic 636LSE Noise Cancelling 4-Pin CB Microphone, Silver Edition. Features the Astatic rugged housing, double chrome plated grille screen, and chrome plated key button. This CB microphone is designed for close talking handheld applications.

Product Features

  • Chrome Covered Cord and 4-Pin Connection
  • Polyurethane Coated Steel Grille Screen
  • Low Impedance Dynamic Element
  • For CB, Amateur Radio & SSB Communications
  • Special Anniversary Edition

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3 Responses to Astatic (302-10001SE) 636LSE 4-Pin Noise Canceling CB Microphone

  1. Anonymous says:

    This is a well made communications mic… Output of this mic will generally be very clear, distortion and noise free. The output is also a little weak, so you really need to “eat the mic” to get it loud enough. If you have a habit of holding the mic a few inches away and mumbling in that weak, mousy manner that irritates and annoys everyone… if people keep saying, “What’d he say???” all the time.. then this mic is not for you. The mic is very heavy duty, made of thick, tough plastic with a metal grill. I personally prefer the version…