Alightings Wire Connectors Quick Splice Without Stripping the Wires Compatible with 22 – 20 AWG Cable for Some Tight-fitting Automotive Uses (I Type 2 pin)

Solderless Wire Joint Quick Splice Connector for 22-20awg Cable
Our products were an innovative safe and quick wire connector,peeling free,tapping free and twisting free. well waterproof and dust proof function. it greatly changes the way of wire connection .it allow any users to just insert the wire into wire joint and press cover by pliers to connect the wire safely and conveniently.Further more it looks beautiful,exquisite and tidy just like little pet on wire,not to mention it is slightly waterproof,heat resistant,dust proof,and electric shock free,etc

These are perfect for all audio/video/electrical installations in vehicles
Tap splices instantly secure connections without stripping the wires. Commonly used in low-voltage applications such as a vehicle’s wiring and when you want to connect a new wire to an existing wire without soldering.. Simply insert one wire into each end and crimp. Connection is secure and stable.

Quickest and easiest way to splice, split or tap wires
A very quick and reliable way of connecting additional cables to existing wiring in, for example fitting car alarms, radio-cassette units, etc. The cables to be joined are placed inside the snap-lock connector, the cover is pushed home with a pair of pliers and locks shut, thus completing the connection.

Package Contents:
10pcs Wire Connectors

Product Features

  • This wire connector is innovative clasp connection design, eliminating the trouble of stripping, hinging and welding, just insert the wire properly, push down the cover with pliers
  • The electrical connectors saves time and greatly reduces human error. Use these wire terminals to realize the wires connected with standard and uniform operation, free of worrying the short-circuiting, and the circuit leakage caused by non-standard connecting
  • Say goodbye to slow process of stripping and twisting, the electrical wire connectors easy to get perfect connection between wire. Makes splicing wires so much easier than crimps
  • Smaller size, the smaller space requirements. Perfect for all vehicle, audio, video, speaker, LED strip lights installation and other electrical equipments
  • Connects directly to 2pin 20AWG single core and multi-core wires, working voltage: 12V 24V, working current:0-10A, working temperature:- 30 °C ~ + 85 °C

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2 Responses to Alightings Wire Connectors Quick Splice Without Stripping the Wires Compatible with 22 – 20 AWG Cable for Some Tight-fitting Automotive Uses (I Type 2 pin)

  1. AlReviewsOnAmazon says:

    Unfortunately does make a reliable steady connection Disclosure upfront : Review is of the product and NOT the Seller. Product did not function as intended and Amazon arranged a hassle free refund.The main issue i seem to encounter was getting a stable connection between the LED Strip 4 metal connector bits and this connector … No matter how i tried the connection was unreliable and loose … might just be me not doing it right, but hey i did spend some time trying to make it work … alas it was not to be . That said and done the 4…

  2. Miss L Whittle says:

    Best connector I’ve used so far on led strip, just have to take the time to fit properly