Actor Tim Allen no fan of RVing (just the opposite)

Actor/comedian Tim Allen is an RVer. But he is definitely not a fan of the lifestyle. After spending a night in his RV recently with his youngest daughter, he wrote on Twitter, “I spent the night with my youngest in our RV for fun and after doing my service on it I am reminded why RV people never shake each others’ hands.”

By “doing service on it” Allen meant dumping the holding tanks.

In 2017, in an appearance on the TV show “Jimmy Kimmel Live,” Allen talked about RVing and how he had bought and customized an RV for his wife. “My wife decided that for one of her birthdays, the big one, one of the big ones, that she says ‘I want to go and take a trip in a sewage truck . . . or you call them RVs.’ ”

Allen went on say that traveling with the RV was “basically taking care of your family’s sewer,” where “there’s pipes that touch excrement.” Summing up the RVing experience he told Kimmel, “You go places you don’t want to go. Then, you park and level it and you cook eggs.”

Don’t expect to see Allen appearing in any “Go RVing” commercials anytime soon.

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