On this Sunday July 8th ,2018 sunny late morning .We see a pickup pulling a Airstream east bound on Radar Creek rd as it passes Fork’s Police Dept Officer Michelle Torres ,walking to get back into her unit to head back on patrol.

Forks is made up of three ( Fork , Middle Fork and Top Fork ) little cluster of homes and business that form Forks In 1987 they consolidated to Form Forks with a total population of about 499 on the banks of Forks creek .Most part of the canyon they set in is home to small farms and with ranches in the surrounding desert .All three Villages set in Forks Creeks Canyon along the Forks Creek in Apache County NM , just over the County Line from Hazzard Range County. Also all three are served by joint Village Commission ,that has three Commissioners Forks Police Department ( FPD) has 5 officers including the Chief.

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