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5M 3.5mm 4 Pole Plug to 3 RCA Male Cable

Technical Specification

Yellow Connector – Carries the video signal Red Connector – Carries the right audio signal

White Connector – Carries the left audio signal

Gold plated connectors – Solid metal alloy with a 24 carat gold plating. 24 carat gold achieves better conductivity when lacquer is not in use and provides a better signal with minimal loss of quality.

Fully screened cable (shielded) – This prevents interference and reduces noise and crosstalk from other sources that may be situated around the cable. The signal produced is a lot cleaner with fewer defects.

Durable PVC jacket – This thick jacket helps to protect the cable against wear and tear.

Cable strain relief to protect the cable – Enables the cable to be bent in a multitude of directions without breaking, unlike many leads sold by different companies.

OFC – oxygen free copper to increase signal quality across the length of the cable.

Wiring – This cable is wired in the most common format. Some manufacturers change their wiring which means you may need to purchase the cable from them. The wiring of this cable is as follows;

Tip – Audio Left (white)
Ring 1 – Composite Video (yellow)
Ring 2 – Ground
Ring 3 – Audio Right (red)

This cable is commonly used with camcorders and some ipods, for a link between the 3.5mm 4 pole jack and 3 RCA female sockets commonly found on some TVs.

Product Features

  • 24 Carat gold plated connectors

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