5 x GPS Vehicle Alarm Tracker Security Alarm-RED/CLEAR-Window Stickers Signs-For Car,Van,Truck,Taxi,Mini Cab,Bus,Coach,Warning,Notice,Deterrent,Protection,Secure

These stickers act as a deterrent for thieves that wish to steal your vehicle “Did you know that if you have a sticker simply stating that you have an alarm installed, a potential thief will ‘bump’ your car to check!” “With a sticker stating you have GPS Tracking, a potential thief would need to steal it too find out!” The standard colour is white, but we do offer others, please enquire. A very, very small price to pay for extra security Platinum Place are working to stop crime and the products we supply are simply acting as a deterrent.Unfortunately, you will never be 100% secure, but we hope this helps. Platinum Place has no responsibility to the vehicle owner if the deterrents do not work.

Product Features

  • GPS Tracker Alarm Sticker Sign – Generic Version
  • Authentic Barcode for Added Effect
  • Helps to prevent theft of a vehicle
  • 87mm x 43mm in size | Red Print onto a Clear Background for Internal Window Application
  • Dummy Security Feature for your Car,Van,Truck

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