5 x FORD GPS Tracking Device Security WINDOW Stickers 87x30mm-Fiesta, Mondeo, Escort, Focus, Mustang, Fusion, Ka, Car,Van Alarm Tracker

* These stickers act as a deterrent for thieves that wish to steal your vehicle. A very, very small price to pay for extra security

* “Did you know that if you have a sticker simply stating that you have an alarm installed, a potential thief will ‘bump’ your car to check!”

* “With a sticker stating you have GPS Tracking, a potential thief would need to steal it to find out!”* Details are printed in a white print, onto a clear vinyl backing.

* Weather Proof, Waterproof, Do Not Fade. Very Durable.

* These are designed to be applied to windows, to be viewed from the outside.

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* We do offer other colour options, which you can contact us for details.

Product Features

  • Set of 5 (FIVE) Ford Design GPS Tracker Stickers
  • Designed for Internal Window Application -to be viewed from outside
  • Easy to Apply-Instructions Included-Waterproof and Will not Fade
  • 87mm x 30mm in size
  • Designed and Printed ‘In House’ by us – Not OEM products, and not endorsed by the Vehicle Manufactorer

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3 Responses to 5 x FORD GPS Tracking Device Security WINDOW Stickers 87x30mm-Fiesta, Mondeo, Escort, Focus, Mustang, Fusion, Ka, Car,Van Alarm Tracker

  1. Deebee says:


  2. Anonymous says:

    Awesome ! They look really good. Put 2 on my transit CONNECT and 2 on the old ladies StreeKA.. ( SUGGESTION.. CLEAN WINDOW GLASS WITH WHITE SPIRIT BEFORE USING THEM ) Because of transparent background of stickers it shows all the dirt straight through onto sticker and looks like a sticker you’ve just put on from Amazon. LolCleaning glass 1st makes the clear sticker nearly invisible. I guess if you want it as perfect as poss , use a scallop or stanley blade& and trim of excess…