12v Cobra ESD 6200 Radar Detectors dc car transformer adapter lead

A top quality 12V Car Charger Adapter for this model of speed camera/ radar detector.

A High Specification 12 Volt dc dc car converter which fits directly into the car cigarette lighter socket.


* Input 12v DC from car socket
* Output 12v DC
* Works with nearly all cars via the cigarette lighter
* Compact size and light weight.
* Center positive Connector fits this device.
* High reliability

Product Features

  • Power up your 12-Volt device from Car lighter socket instantly
  • Positive tip Barrel Connector widely compatible with many electronic devices including speed camera detectors
  • Cord is 2 meter long for maximum versatility
  • LED to indicate power status
  • Build-in replaceable 3 Amp fuse to protect your car electrical circult and your device, High quality with precised soldering. Safe and reliable

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