10 Stickers Satellite Mirror Transparent Internal GPS Anti-Theft for Car | GPS Satellite Anti-Theft GPS Burglar Alarm Against Theft | Sticker Stickers FOR TRUCK Motor Vehicles – 2 aintimo®

10 TRANSPARENT 25 x 55 mm specchiati. of each stickers suitable for car, caravan, trucks, vans, etc.. Product printed using professional printing. Can only be used for professional internal are made with vinyl. Durable and long lasting. The photo shows how the product will be seen from the outside of your car. Made on sheets of transparent PVC, the stickers will have clear background and will be shipped in sheets to cut out before being applied, please note that the application is performed from the inside of your car.

Product Features

  • Excellent used as a deterrent against the theft even in the absence of planting GPS system
  • ‘Highest Quality Sticker, for all cars, motorbikes, trucks, vans

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